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“I retained Deric Zacca in 2010 for a very complicated Federal multi-defendant fraud case. His passion, intensity, knowledge, trustworthiness, straightforwardness, and ability to communicate were all key aspects in receiving an acquittal in a two-month long trial. He is an excellent trial attorney that will provide reliable advice as to how to proceed with the legal process.

Deric Zacca is a highly recommended attorney for any Federal, State or Civil case.”


“Deric Zacca is one of the top trial attorneys in the South Florida area. He provided me with dedicated, personal attention and ensured that every aspect of my case was analyzed in specific detail. Mr. Zacca routinely stayed in contact with me reassuring that my case was under constant review. His professional and confident demeanor instilled a sense of relief during an extremely difficult time.”


“I have never been to prison or even fathom the thought of ever  being incarcerated, however I found myself in a position where I was in need of a lawyer so I did what any person would probably do and that was to look to my friends and associates to see if I had one in my inner circle of friends or if an associate of mine could refer me to one. I was able to locate a good friend of over 20 years that was a lawyer and a police officer but he couldn’t assist me in my case, he did however know a good friend that could assist me so obviously I retained his friend / lawyer that obviously I did not know personally.  This was actually a great lawyer but we did not mesh because I didn’t feel a connection with this lawyer in the way I felt I should feel about a person that I would be placing my trust and untimely my life in this persons hands. I quickly let go of this lawyer and ultimately met Mr. Deric Zacca and immediately from first glance and the very first words that came out of Mr. Zacca’s mouth I knew this was the person I wanted to place my trust in.  Mr. Zacca spoke to me in a manor that comforted me through the case.

I would say that without a shadow of doubt that Mr. Zacca will be the only attorney that I will ever use.  Should any additional situations occur, I will recommend Mr. Zacca to anyone in my family, closest friends and any of my life long associates without even thinking twice.”


I have to say that as a client of attorney Mr. Zacca, that he treats clients problems, likes his own problems. Always with the truth, very professional, educated, always there for an appointment, always on time. I have had different attorneys in the past, and I can say Mr. Zacca is the best of them all. I will never look for a different attorney for my family, friends or myself. Thank you for the excellent representation that you have done for myself, and may God keep Blessing you for the excellent work you do with your clients. Thank you.


5 Stars!

We were represented by Deric Zacca in a Federal Labor Wages dispute. His dedication to this case was amazing. This was a multiparty case that involved several legal teams and could have resulted in a very large and damaging decision. Deric was able to work with all the parties involved and get us to a reasonable mediation. We were kept fully informed during all phases of this case, and updated whenever any communication was received from the other parties. This allowed us to focus on our everyday work and rest easy knowing that Deric Zacca P.A. was looking out for our best interest.


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