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Robbery And Extortion Attempts Puts Children In Harm’s Way

A Miami area father and his three young children were victims of an unusual and bizarre experience recently as a result of a robbery and extortion attempt by two armed men. The men allegedly knocked on the door of the man’s home and then forced the father along with his three children into their car and drove to a nearby bank. The one armed man went into the bank with the father while the other armed man stayed in the car with the three children. Inside the bank, though, the armed man got nervous and fled back to the car, which then took off with the children still in the car. The children were dropped off by taxi at the police station later that day, but no one seems to be saying much about the incident, including the victims’ family, and police are trying to figure out exactly what happened while they work to locate the suspects, one of whom they believe they have identified.

Extortion – What Is It?

Often times we may hear that someone has been accused of a crime, but not know exactly what it means. Extortion is one such crime, but it also goes by another name with which many people may be more familiar – blackmail – which is a threat made either to make another person do something (or not do something) or made with in order to take money or property from another person. Unlike robbery, which involves an immediate threat of harm at the time when the suspect takes the money or property, extortion involves a threat made at any time.

Florida Extortion Law

In Florida, for an accused individual to be found guilty of extortion, several elements must be proven. Florida Code Section 836.05 sets forth the law regarding threats and extortion and states that there must be a threat, which can either be written or verbal, and it can involve harm of several different sorts, including physical or psychological harm or death. Additionally, the suspect must have the intent to gain something – whether money, property, or to force their victim to do something against their own will. The crime of extortion is a felony of the second degree and carries with it a prison term of up to fifteen years and hefty fines up to $10,000 – both of which may be increased dependent upon the suspect’s prior criminal record.

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