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Fort Lauderdale Professional Grievance & Disciplinary Proceedings Attorney

When you are facing disciplinary hearings, whether you are an attorney, physician, or a student studying and attempting to obtain licensing in one of those or other fields, it is not a wise decision to go about the process alone. By seeking legal council, you can greatly increase your chances of remaining unscathed from what are often unfair allegations. The law office of Deric Zacca will put forth an aggressive and comprehensive defense strategy to retain your good standing in whatever field you are employed or wish to pursue in the future. Contact the offices of Deric Zacca today to enter this stressful process with an experienced Fort Lauderdale professional grievances and disciplinary proceedings attorney at your side. Call us at 954-450-4848 as soon as possible.

Lawyers Facing Disciplinary Proceedings

The Florida State Bar and the Department of Lawyer Regulation are responsible for hearing grievances from the unsatisfied clients of attorneys and are also responsible for administering disciplinary sanctions to those attorneys. Unfortunately, just because a favorable outcome was not achieved in court, some clients believe that somehow their attorney failed them. The Florida Bar, acting on behalf of the Florida Supreme Court, governs approximately 95,000 lawyers across the state. And, surprisingly, the Bar opens roughly 7,500 cases per year on attorney misconduct. That means that roughly eight percent, or eight out of one hundred attorneys have cases brought upon them by the Florida Bar every year. It is important to not lose hope or become overly discouraged when a case is brought upon you, as they are not uncommon and, of course, not unbeatable. However, at the same time you should make no mistake. The ramifications of an unfavorable outcome may end your career in law immediately.

Physicians Facing Disciplinary Proceedings

Physicians who have been charged with allegations of overbilling, fraud, medical negligence, failing to provide medical records, making prescription medication errors, or performing unnecessary procedures face serious consequences if they are found guilty of these charges. Appearing before the State Board of Medicine is a serious matter, and one that can end in the loss of a medical license in the state. Even illegible handwriting can be cause for medical errors. According to an article in the Naples Daily News, a opthamologist underwent serious disciplinary proceedings after implanting the wrong lens on a patient’s eye when his secretary wasn’t able to read his handwriting and ordered the wrong lens. Of course, as the more mistakes that are made in a career, the more evidence there is for stripping a physician of their license.

Fort Lauderdale Professional Grievance & Disciplinary Proceedings Attorney for Physicians, Lawyers, and Others Facing Career Ending Consequences

Whether you are an attorney, physician, student, or other professional and you are in jeopardy of losing your license to perform you job, do not go it alone. Contact Fort Lauderdale Professional Grievance & Disciplinary Proceedings Attorney Deric Zacca today at 954-450-4848 for experienced legal help and to secure your career for the years to come.

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