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Obstruction of justice is a broad legal term that includes falsifying records, destroying records, tampering with a witness, and influencing a juror. Indeed, there are two requirements before a person can be convicted of obstruction of justice. First, they must know that there is a current legal proceeding happening. Second, they must be aware that by their actions, they are impacting the outcome of the legal proceeding. Obstruction of justice can be a federal crime or a state crime depending on what court the proceedings are taking place in. It is also situational as to whether obstructing justice will be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Lying to a police officer about your name and killing a judge are both examples of obstruction of justice. Given that the charge covers such a vast array of actions, it is important for you to contact a Fort Lauderdale Obstruction of Justice Attorney if you’ve been accused of obstructing justice or believe you may have unintentionally done so. Call Deric Zacca, P.A. at 954-450-4848 for a free consultation today in order to begin down the path of clearing your name or minimizing the harsh penalties that you may currently be facing.

District Attorney Nifong Charged with Obstruction of Justice in 2006 Duke University Case

Obstruction of justice is not solely a crime committed by citizens. Unfortunately, it is also used by those in the legal system as well. A famous example of obstruction of justice occurred in 2006 at Duke University, according to Slate Magazine. Three male lacrosse players were accused of raping a local exotic dancer who had been hired to work at a team party off-campus. The case quickly grew out of control through media attention and many considered the lacrosse players guilty before the trial began. In the process, the prosecuting district attorney made it his mission to find the players guilty to help his reelection campaign. Instead of admitting he might have been wrong about their guilt, Nifong obstructed justice and continued with the trial. He knew that the DNA testing results from the three players proved their innocence but he withheld information from the court. The lacrosse players were cleared of any wrongdoing (later the alleged rape victim admitted that the rape had not occurred), and the prosecutor, Nifong, was charged with obstruction of justice, stripped of his position, and sentenced to one day in jail.

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Depending on what type of obstruction of justice you are being charged with, the penalties may be incredibly severe. While no specific statute exists that provides an outline for punishment, obstruction of justice may fall under a number of different laws. For example, bribery is punishable by up to five years in prison, while giving false information under oath (perjury) is also punishable by up to five years in prison. Contact experienced Fort Lauderdale Obstruction of Justice Attorney Deric Zacca, P.A. today at 954-450-4848 so that you don’t face prison time for a crime that you did not commit and/or for a crime that you should not have to pay for throughout the rest of your life.

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