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Computer crimes, or cyber crimes, involve the aid of a computer to commit crimes such as fraud and identity theft. Additionally, computers are also used to commit crimes such as cyber hacking, stealing data or programs, and illegally accessing a network. The list of computer crimes is long and varied, and so too are the punishments that await a person convicted of a computer crime felony. While the charges put against you may sound insignificant at first glance, computer crimes are a federal offense, and the consequences may be incredibly severe. You may be facing crippling fines, jail time, or both. Contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale Computer Crimes defense Attorney today to discuss your options to reduce the penalties or clear your name.

Internet Crime Costs Over $800 Million Per Year

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICC), there were 269,422 total internet crime complaints filed in 2014. The damages resulting from these internet crimes totalled $800,492,073 in 2014. This amounts to nearly $3,000 per complaint victim. Florida had 7.56 percent of all complaints in 2014, which was the second highest number of all states and second only after California. These crimes include:

  • Auto Fraud Scams, which involve the scammer tricking a consumer into wiring them money for a non existent vehicle. Auto fraud resulted in $56,222,655 in losses in 2014;
  • Government Impersonation E-Mail Scams, which involve spam attacks to defraud consumers. The scammer uses a high ranking government official, such as and FBI director or the Attorney General, to defraud victims. Government impersonation e-mail scams resulted in $56,222,655 in losses in 2014;
  • Intimidation/Extortion Scams, which involve demands for financial payment by use of blackmail or threats of physical harm or criminal prosecution. Intimidation/extortion scams resulted in $16,346,239 in losses in 2014;
  • Real Estate Fraud, which involves usually below market listings advertisements that entice potential buyers or renters. They money transfer for payment is usually done by wiring funds. Real estate fraud resulted in $19,800,172 in losses in 2014; and
  • Confidence Fraud/Romance Scams, which involve scammers taking on a persona in a chat room or social media website and entering a relationship with their victim without ever meeting face to face. Confidence fraud/romance scams resulted in $86,713,003 in losses in 2014.

Other Types of Computer Crimes Such as Data Hacking and Network Access

While a large percentage of computer crimes involve defrauding a person in order to gain finances, many types of computer crimes involve illegally accessing data or networks, or spreading viruses. Other variations of computer or cyber crimes include:

  • The unlawful use of or access of a personal computer or company network;
  • Blocking or interfering with another’s network access;
  • Theft or copying of programs or data;
  • Illegal encryption used in a crime;
  • Falsifying email sources;
  • Damaging, using, or disclosing data; and
  • Spreading computer viruses.

The punishment for many of these federal crimes are incredibly harsh. If you have been accused of committing a computer crime, contact Fort Lauderdale Computer Crimes defense Attorney Deric Zacca, P.A. at 954-450-4848 today for a free consultation.

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