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A criminal records can haunt a person throughout their entire lifetime. A criminal record for a young person can have even more serious ramifications. While a criminal conviction for an middle aged adult is still of serious consequence, they are often more rooted down in life, have years of job experience, a stronger reputation within their community, financial savings to fall back on, and even a dependent family that can help them realize that they need to straighten out. Most importantly, they are more likely to have work connections and colleagues to help them get back on their feet after their conviction, or save them from losing their job in the first place.

A young person caught at the wrong time doing the wrong things, often egged on by peer pressure, may never be able to recover if they earn a criminal record early on, and convicted criminals face difficulties ever working again, even while staying clean, according to the New York Times. A conviction, not to mention carrying an unnecessarily harsh punishment, may lead them down even more wrong paths in the future. While learning their lesson is a valuable tool for improving their behavior, sometimes the mere act of being arrested and forced to go to court is punishment enough. The emotional toils that go through a college student’s head during times of such despair often leave a life long lasting imprint. Furthermore, if a college student has been wrongfully charged with a crime that they did not commit, it can set them up for a downward spiral in the years to come. They may never be able to find solid employment and despite our legal system terming them “correctional” facilities, they often do anything but. You child’s future is at stake, which calls for nothing other than the most aggressive, detailed, and comprehensive legal strategy possible. Contact a Fort Lauderdale College Students Defense Attorney today for swift assistance and to greatly diminish the chances of severe punishment for your child or, for you, as the college student that has been charged with those criminal misdeeds.

Underage Drinking

Parties often get out of hand in college, and the mixing of varying ages of students and too much alcohol inevitably leads to poor choices and dire outcomes. A common charge brought upon college students is underage drinking, as well as public intoxication, both of which can lead to a student spending the night in jail, serious fines, and even the chance of being dispelled. Underage drinking, which often leads to a minor in possession (MIP), is a second degree misdemeanor in Florida for a first time offender, per to statute 562.111. The maximum penalty for second degree misdemeanor is a fine of $500 and 60 days in jail. The second offense is a maximum fine of $1,000 and one year in jail. Additionally, the state has the right to revoke an underage drinker’s driver’s license, even though they were not behind the wheel at the time of their arrest, for at least six months and up to one year for the first offense and up to two years for the second.

Whether a college student was caught drinking underage, stealing, driving under the influence, or committing another type of violent crime, it is imperative to seek legal help at once. Call a Fort Lauderdale college student defense attorney today at 954-450-4848 and let us begin working on your case immediately.

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