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When an individual ends up in jail, it is often an event equally tragic for their family members as for them. And, the first reaction, the first problem to solve in this event, is how to get that person out of jail as quickly as possible. This is where bail is used. Bail is a set monetary amount that is paid to the court for the defendant’s temporary release. The bail money is then paid back to the defendant at a later date when they appear at their trial. If they do not appear to their trial, they not only forfeit that bail money, there also may be a bounty placed on their capture.

What if I can’t come up with my bail money?

First, you should be aware that the Eighth Amendment protects citizens from excessive bail. And, the U.S. Department of Justice is cracking down on unfair and unconstitutional policing that keeps poor people in jail because they are unable to pay minor bail amounts. If you believe the judge has set bail that is too high you may ask for it to be lowered in a bail hearing. The idea of bail money is not for the government to make a profit; it is to ensure that people be in attendance for the entirety of the judicial process offered to them. This is where an Fort Lauderdale Bail Attorney can help reduce the amount of the bail significantly. If however, the bail is set reasonably and a person still is unable to come up with the money, a bail bondsman may help. The difference between bail and bond is subtle yet large. While the principle is the same (something of worth  is given to the court as insurance that the defendant will show up to their court date), what specifically is used as the insurance differs.

Bond Vs. Bail

Bail, as described above, is money that is given to the court for the defendant’s release. Bail money is either provided by the family of the defendant or the defendant themselves. If, however, the defendant or their family cannot supply the necessary bail money, they may seek out a bail bond company. A bail bond company will agree to pay the defendant’s bail to the court in exchange for two things:

  • An agreement that the defendant will pay the full amount of the bail back to the bail bond company, plus 10 percent interest; and
  • The defendant offers something as collateral in case they don’t appear in court on their trial day or they do not pay the full amount they are owed to the bail bond company. The collateral is often personal property such as an automobile or house.

After the agreement is made, the bail bond company will pay part of the bail to the court, with the idea that the defendant will likely show up to court because they stand to lose something of great value. If the defendant does not appear, the bail bond company will pay the rest of the bail to the court and will legally acquire whatever collateral was agreed upon.

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