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Miami Beach Carjacking Suspects Sought

A father and son out for a night on the town were victims of a carjacking in Miami Beach recently, and the suspects made off not only with their vehicle but their cell phones and jewelry as well. According to the victims, two men brandishing guns ordered them out of their car as they were leaving a local nightclub. The suspects demanded that the pair empty their pockets before taking off in their car, and police believe there may have been a third suspect involved in the incident. This frightening ordeal was certainly not the outcome the father and son anticipated for their night out, and police asking for the public’s assistance in trying to identify and locate the suspects.

What Is Carjacking?

We hear a lot of stories about carjacking, but what does this actually mean in the State of Florida? Carjacking is far more common in urban areas than it is in suburban or rural areas. Statistics show that over 90 percent of all carjackings were committed in cities or their suburbs such as Miami and the surrounding areas. Florida Code Section 812.133 defines carjacking as permanently or temporarily preventing someone from using their vehicle by taking it from them through the use of force or fear. The crime is classified as a first degree felony and, if it is committed with the use of a gun, the convicted criminal can be punished with up to life in prison. About three quarters of all carjackings are committed along with the use of a weapon of some sort, with firearms comprising nearly half of all those crimes. Often, a suspect will be charged with additional crimes committed during the commission of a carjacking.

Helping A Criminal Commit A Crime

What about that potential third suspect law enforcement officers believe may have been involved in the Miami carjacking? What kind of crime can this person be charged with if they are found to have helped the perpetrators? If they were involved in some way, but did not actually participate in the carjacking itself, their contribution may be charged with aiding and abetting and, if found guilty, can be subject to the same punishments as if they had committed the crime itself.

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