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Local Pet Groomer Facing Felony Charges For Dog Deaths

In what can only be called a tragic incident, a local dog groomer claims that he accidently left three dogs in his grooming van, resulting in the death of all three animals due to heat exhaustion. The man was charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty after being arrested for the deaths and spent a night in jail. He claims he forgot they were in the van and that it was a terrible accident. The pets’ owner is understandably upset and says she wants justice for her dogs, but the groomer’s other clients do believe it was an accident and that the groomer would never hurt any animal.

What Does Animal Cruelty Entail?

Animal cruelty is something that we often hear people talk about, but what does it really mean? Breaking it down into just the words – ‘animal’ and ‘cruelty’ – we can get a general idea; ‘animal’ means every living ‘dumb’ creature, and ‘cruelty’ includes all acts or failures to act which causes unnecessary or unjustifiable pain or suffering to the animal. Some exceptions do exist, though, for acts done for purposes of medical science and similar situations.

What Is The Law In Florida?

Florida Code Section 828.12 sets forth the law with respect to cruelty to animals and states a list of activities, including torment, deprivation of food or shelter, mutilation, or killing of an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner as those which are classified as a first degree misdemeanor. Aggravated animal cruelty, which is a felony of the third degree, involves committing an act which results in the cruel death of an animal, or excessively inflicting pain or suffering to an animal. If it is determined that a defendant injures, mutilates, or kills an animal by knowingly and intentionally torturing the animal, the defendant will be subject to a mandatory minimum fine and either psychological counseling or anger management will part of the order. Subsequent violations will cause the convicted criminal to receive additional fines along with incarceration which must be served in full before he or she can be released. Additionally, a defendant can be charged with separate offenses for each separate act of animal cruelty he is accused of having committed against multiple animals.

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