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Burger King Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

According to police, a 27-year-old Miami man who visited a Dixie Highway Burger King last month was a repeat visitor to the fast food establishment. On his last visit, however, he demanded more than burgers and fries and, instead, it is alleged that he demanded that the cashier empty the register quickly. He put a backpack on the counter, inside of which the victim believed was a gun, and then allegedly handed a note to the counter worker in which he threatened to start shooting hostages – starting with that counter worker – if his demands were not met. Even though the employee gave the robber money from the register, the robber reached into the cash drawer and took the rest of the money as well. Unfortunately for the robber, he left behind the ransom note as well as a number of fingerprints that were used to identify him.

Robbery vs. Armed Robbery – A Difference Of Degrees

Florida Code Section 812.13 defines robbery as taking money or other property from someone with the intent to deprive that person of the money or property either temporarily or permanently, while using some type of force, violence, or fear. Using a weapon or firearm of some sort during the commission of a robbery – which then becomes an armed robbery – elevates the crime from a felony of the second degree to a felony of the first degree. Armed robbery, as a felony of the first degree, carries with it a punishment of a term of up to life imprisonment. Unlike some other types of crimes that involve taking property or money that belongs to someone else, the degree of the crime of robbery does not depend upon the value of the property which is taken. As long as the property that has been taken has some value, it is enough to be classified as a robbery as long as all the elements of the crime can be proven. In the case of the Burger King robber, in which the amount of money that was taken was not disclosed, the classification of the crime for which the robber has been charged is not affected.

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