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Accused Murderer On The Loose After Escaping Custody

A young man who was in custody for a first-degree murder charge escaped and is at large in the Fort Lauderdale area. Officials say the man is armed and dangerous and presents a concern for public safety. Authorities believe that the escape was preplanned and are trying to determine exactly how it could have happened; they also believe that the man received assistance from others to accomplish the escape both inside the courthouse, where the man was being held for a status hearing, as well as outside, possibly with a getaway vehicle.

Criminal Charges For Everyone Involved

Officials are confident that they will find both the escaped man as well as those who may have been involved. When they do, not only will his accomplices face criminal charges for aiding and abetting the man, but the man himself will undoubtedly face additional charges for the escape. Florida Code Section 944.40 states that anyone who is in custody and either attempts to escape or actually does manage to escape has committed a felony of the second degree and punishment for this felony would run consecutive to other sentences that have been imposed.

Consecutive Versus Concurrent Sentences

When a criminal is convicted of multiple crimes, he or she will receive separate sentences for each charge. The sentences can be imposed to run either consecutively or concurrently. With consecutive sentences, each sentence is served individually and must be finished before the subsequent sentence begins to run. By contrast, a convicted criminal serves concurrent sentences all at the same time. When a defendant has numerous charges and convictions, the distinction between consecutive and concurrent sentences can make a huge difference in the total amount of time one can expect to remain behind bars. In some cases, such as Florida’s punishment for escape from custody or attempted escape, the type of sentence is written into the law and out of the judge’s hands. In other cases, however, the judge has discretion over whether sentences will be concurrent or consecutive and will take a variety of factors into consideration when making his or her determination  including the severity of the crimes and a defendant’s past record. It is in those cases where having a good defense attorney who is able to argue successfully for the imposition of concurrent sentencing instead of consecutive sentencing will be one of the most important factors to impact the outcome of a criminal case.

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