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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pre-Teen Girl Avoids Becoming A Victim Of Child Abduction

By Deric Zacca, PA |

A quick-thinking young girl avoided potential harm by foiling an abduction attempt as she was walking to a bus stop in Miami the other morning. The 12-year-old girl had just parted ways with her older sisters at their high school before continuing on to her own bus stop when, according to police reports, a… Read More »

Parents Arrested After Children Found Living in Filth

By Deric Zacca, PA |

A home in Miami Gardens was the scene of something out of a horror movie as young children were found living in horrendous conditions beyond what most of us could ever imagine. Two couples, who shared a house with their combined seven children, are likely going to be facing numerous charges for allowing the… Read More »

Uber Driver Charged With Sexual Crimes

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Different versions of the story have emerged in the case of a South Florida Uber driver who has been arrested on several charges of sexual battery resulting from incidents that took place over the first half of the year. The driver, who has been accused of sexual assault by three separate women in Boynton… Read More »